Easy To Please


This Grenache Blend truly does please everyone. The 39% grenache grapes are soft on your palate, while the 56% Mourvèdre provides a light spice and 5% Syrah delivers a splash of crushed strawberry. This combination of Mizel grapes provides the most delectable drinking experience. 2020 Easy to Please is aged 18 months in neutral oak. Please enjoy now or age 6-10 years if you can stand it!

Easy to Please Grenache


Our 2019 Grenache scintillates the senses with crushed strawberry, cherry, and floral scents. This elegant wine expertly blends 60% Grenache and 40% Mourvedre grapes. Aged in 100% neutral oak barrels, Easy to Please energizes the palate with well rounded tannins sharpened by great minerality. Open Easy to Please two hours prior to indulging. This juicy Grenache with a spicy surprise finish will not disappoint.


Our Grenache is medium bodied with beautiful fruit aromas, balanced by spicy tannins. Easy to Please is a blend created entirely from Mizel Estate Grapes, including 45% Grenache, 43% Mourvèdre and 12% Syrah. The finish is long and lasting. Easy to Please is at its best within the next 10 years, preferably opened in the morning for enjoying in the evening.

2018 Easy To Please Grenache


Our 2017 Grenache is velvety with great richness, yet smooth. It is a blend created from 55% Grenache, 40% Mourvédre, and 5% Syrah. The wine was aged in neutral oak to allow the flavors of the grapes to shine. Easy to Please is at its best within the next 8 years, preferably opened in the morning for enjoying in the evening.


Our inaugural year of Grenache wine combines young grapes from Mizel Estate: 62% Grenache, 30% Mourvèdre, and 8% Syrah. Thus beginning Mizel’s quest for the perfect blend. Grapes aged for 18 months in neutral French oak puncheons. Ripe strawberries dominate the nose and palate. Hints of decadent plum and cherry tempt the senses. This wine’s flavor deepens if you can bear to let it age. Easy to Please is best decanted in the morning to indulge in as the sunsets.


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