Smooth Touch


Our 2021 Smooth Touch Syrah proves smooth to the palette with beautiful, well rounded tannins from 100% Syrah grapes. Notice a juicy freshness of ripe red and black fruits, offset by hints of wood and game. Smooth Touch 2021 was aged 60% in new French oak barrels and 40% in once used oak barrels for 18 months total. This wine ages handsomely for 10-15 years, if you have the patience to wait.


Our 2020 Syrah is 100% Syrah grapes grown in the magical microclimate of Hidden Valley. This Syrah was aged 50% in new French oak and 50% in neutral oak. The resulting Smooth Touch 2020 has a delicious aroma and flavorful spice. Smooth Touch will please even the most elegant of palates. Our 2020 Syrah is divine now or 10 years from now. Enjoy!

Smooth Touch Syrah 2020


Our 2019 Syrah is deeply perfumed with black pepper, licorice, and vanilla oak. Sweet and flavorful on the mouth, this wine is aged in 60% new French oak and 40% once used Oak barrels. Open in the morning and decant 5 hours before serving. Dip into the velvety goodness…or wait if you possess the self-control. Smooth Touch will continue to age for 10-12 years.


Our Syrah is 100% Syrah grapes, full bodied with decadent currant and blackberry aromas. This wine features a divine balance of minerals and tannins, complements of superb grapes and barrels. Smooth Touch will continue to mature for up to 10 years. Please decant at least 4 hours before indulging.


An acre of grapes planted at Mizel Estate in 2013 created our aromatic and complex 2017 Syrah. The grapes are a unique French clone selection imported 30 years ago. There are only 3 barrels in existence of Smooth Touch 2017. The wine aged 50% in New French Oak and 50% in once used French Oak for 18 months. Smooth Touch is at its best opened the day prior and decanted 2 hours before you savor.


Smooth Touch is a bold, inviting red. 95% young Syrah with a dash of 5% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were aged 18 months 50% in new French oak and 50% in once-used oak. Flavors of herbs, spiced plum, blackberry, roast meat, and pepper abound. Our first vintage of Smooth Touch continues to improve with age. It is best opened the day prior and decanted 2 hours before serving.

Smooth Touch Syrah by Mizel Wines


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