Our 2020 MiRosa will tickle your palate.  Aromatic apricots, crisp apples, tart rhubarb, and zesty grapefruit mingle in perfect harmony.  Each refreshing sip delights with a luscious, lingering finish.  MiRosa Rosé is splendid as is, no waiting required.  Treat yourself. 


Introducing our premier Rosé! Our 2019 MiRosa features peach and grapefruit aromas. The acidity brings this wine to life. You will not be disappointed in this light and fresh libation. MiRosa is best enjoyed right after popping its cork. No patience needed.


We invite you to see things differently

for iphones:

for google / ANDROID:

1. open your "settings"

2. go to "accessibility"

3. select "display & text size"

4. activate “classic invert”

1. open "settings"

2. go to "accessibility"

3. activate “color inversion”

then turn on your camera and view the MiRosa wine label through your device camera – as if you were going to take a photograph of it.

*Mizel is following all Covid protocol. Presently, we are not hosting Mizel Estate visits or events. Please rest assured, post-Covid, we will invite members to revel in the ultimate Mizel celebration! Prepare to be dazzled!

**Currently, Mizel Wines can be shipped to the following states: CA, FL. Prospective members from other states should contact info@mizelestate.com for information about membership.